Towing Service at Hazael Autocare

Hazael Autocare is known for our towing service in Seattle, WA. It doesn't matter where you are, because we'll come over and take care of you. Because of our great work over the years, we have been recognized for excellence in engine repair. Whatever your car issues, we can handle them all.

Our goal is to provide incredible results that our clients can rely on. We want to be a constant in your life. When you think of radiator repair, we know our name will be the first one that comes to mind. Our services cover a wide range of automotive troubles, so if you think there's something wrong with you car, bring it in and we'll take a look at it.

We've distinguished ourselves with our tireless effort and attention to detail. We never let you down and give you our best every time. If you need a reliable auto shop to back you up, we are happy to assist. Get on the phone with Hazael Autocare today!


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